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Sierra Grates

Luxury registers and grilles to match your décor and style
Sierra Grates Registers and Grilles

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Sierra Grates Registers and Grilles

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Air Vent Filters

Sierra Grates Registers and Grilles

Air is the most essential part of life on the earth. Having to breath a clean fresh air is one of the important secrets of healthy, peaceful, and clean living.

Vyaan air vent filters are made from high-quality and safe material, engineered to effectively purify the air you breathe from your AC units and heaters, also prevent dirt and other objects falling into the air vents. These air filters are electrostatically charged and act as magnet to hold dust, dirt, pollen, smoke and unwanted particles in the air you breath every day.

Reduce your dusting and cleaning work every week!

VYAN Air Filters

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Sierra Grates Registers and Grilles

The term “grille” (sometimes spelled “grill”) most often is used to refer to the permanent metal covering over the vents, be they return or supply. Grilles are found in walls, ceilings, and floors.


Registers refer to the slatted openings that can be controlled by an adjustable damper. These are usually rolling lever-type guides, or levers on the side of the vent, that open and close the damper to manage supply air flow from the supply ducts. You generally don’t want to close them completely, or the system may become unbalanced.

Recommended Steps

  • Determine the current register type

  • Determine the correct size

  • Choose the right design and finish

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